Frequently Asked Questions
What are the details for the Orrville Walks Fun Run 5K?
Orrville Walks is hosting a 5K on Saturday, September 21 from 9 a.m. to noon. You can find all the details at the website
Can I walk if its raining?
When it's raining, check in at Heartland Point like normal and they will give you a day pass to the Orrville YMCA or Zephyrs Fitness.
Can my business/organization still be a sponsor?
Yes! Contact Sarah Meenan at Heartland Point 330-682-0200 and she can discuss the options with you and get you all set up.
Is there always a give away?
There is always a raffle prize not a give away.
Can I get a day pass YMCA and Zephyrs?
If the weather is bad we want to help keep you motivated and moving so the YMCA and Zephyrs fitness have offered day passes for people so you can walk on their treadmills or work and still get entered in the raffles. You still have to sign in here at Heartland Point and ask at the information desk for you day pass.
When will you draw the winner for the weekly raffle?
Friday morning, we will call you if you win.
If I sign in now but walk later is that ok?
Yes, we go by the honor system and trust that you will really walk.
How far do I have to walk?
As far as you want, it’s an honor system program, if you say you’re walking 3 miles we believe you.
How do I sign up for Orrville Walks?
Stop by Heartland Point on Thursdays and fill out the sign in sheet at the information desk or outside on the patio. Each week has different prizes so you need to sign in every week to win! You can also sign in at P. Graham Dunn, our remote location, on their dock to be entered into the raffles.
What is Orrville Walks? How does it work?
Orrville Walks is a community intuitive started by Aultman Orrville Growing Healthy Habits and Heartland Point in 2015. The goal is motivate the community to walk around downtown, promote healthy lifestyles and local businesses. Just sign in every Thursday at Heartland Point and you will be entered in the weekly and grand prize raffle. Prizes have been donated by local businesses.
Need more information? Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding Orrville Walks. You can reach us at
Heartland Point
Sarah Meenan