Its easy to participate in Orrville Walks. Just register at Heartland Point to get your QR card and use it to record your walks. You can also load your QR code into your smart phone and review your mileage!

For Apple iPhones, you can load the QR code as a wallet card and for Android phones, you can bookmark the mobile website.

Each time you wish to record your walk, just use the check-in kiosk at Heartland Point to scan your code and pick your route.

Registration Steps
  1. Go to Heartland Point and ask for an Orrville Walks QR card.
  2. Scan the QR card at the check-in kiosk or scan the QR card with your smart phone
  3. Enter your name and contact information. You will receive either a text or email confirmation when you have completed your information.
  4. The text and email confirmations contain links that will allow smart phones to load a mobile web page, where you can review your progress, load the QR code onto your phone and change your contact information. If you don't have a smart phone, don't worry, you can always have the staff at Heartland Point change this information for you.